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Self Portrait with Carlos
I owe my recent return to photography to my son, Carlos (pictured with me, above)

Capturing the sense of place is something that I have been intrigued with since studying photography in college. I was introduced to stereo photography shortly after graduating, which I found to be the perfect medium for my exploration. In playing with different presentation methods, the grayscale anaglyphic image has resonated with me the most. I am drawn to the paper 3D glasses that one may find in a 50’s comic book; the need to wear these to view the image forces the observer to engage in the process while the novelty can evoke a feeling of a simpler time in the viewer’s life. Then the magic begins. The viewer enters the image and is able to explore the scene in ‘life-like’ 3D. I prefer my images to be small ~ hand-held ~ to give the viewer the ability to truly explore; look at the view at different angles and watch the image ‘bend’ as they attempt to look around an object.

I focus much of my work on historic buildings and neighborhood landscapes of the northwest, with an effort to put the viewer into a scene that gives the illusion of an unknown era.